Craigslist find 1957 Chevy Drag Car

This is one of the better CL finds!

Craigslist 1957 Chevy Drag Car

This Craigslist find 1957 Chevy Drag Car is something most people can only dream of! Not that I am that big on 1957 Chevy cars as I like 1955 Chevy’s a bit more than the 1957 Chevy models.

1957 Chevy Drag Car found on Craigslist
Driver rear view

So it comes down to this treasure of a 1957 Chevy that someone seems to have locked away years ago since 1974 before being found once again.

1957 Chevy Craigslist Find with Flip Front End
Flip ’57 Front

Well first things I see in the add are the Horse Power it is claiming to make. Seeing it has a Dual Quad tunnel ram you would think it would have a bit more but, that may be because I was just comparing what a single 4 barrel can put out today.

Drivers side view of Tunnel ram small block '57 Chevy
Tunnel Ram
Then there is the fact that it is running a close ratio Muncie Rock Crusher. Not for nothing but, close ratio isn’t what you want to be running in the quarter mile. Then there is the 3rd thing of note that nobody every believes. It has a 9 inch rear in the car at this point. Now I know everyone thinks this is the ultimate rear to run in their cars because no one knows how to set up gears or are to lazy to do so.
1957 Chevy tunnel ram small block chevy viw
Passenger view of 57 engine
The problem is a 9 inch Ford rear end has a bad Hypoid angle on the pinion to the ring gear. Thus taking 7 or up to 10% of your Horse Power in parasitic drag. There are ways to alleviate some of this parasitic drag with some being less money than others. However the rear still weighs more than a 12 Bolt and then to really slow things down more it has disc brakes on the rear too!
Flip front end of 1957 Chevy Craigslist Drag Race Car
Radiator Shot
Disc brakes unless specifically for Drag Racing or modified create more parasitic drag on the car. Also hearing that it is a 9 inch rear with disc brakes I have to wonder if this rear was taken out of a Mark 5 Lincoln as they came with rear discs.
Rear Quarter view of Craigslist find '57 Chevy drag car
Rear of CL find 57
Aside from me picking on things like it was a Super Stock car or something it fits the look of any car that can show up for Antique day at any drag strip around the nation!
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