Cuda with 440 4speed is for Mark Worman

So sad to see sweeping away

So this Cuda with 440 4speed is for Mark Worman to try to rescue on Graveyard Classics right. No but seriously, sick of seeing it sitting rotting away not too far from my house.

Plymouth Cuda 440 4 speed
Rusting Away

From what I’ve been told this belongs to the property owners child who went away to the military. He was not killed or anything he just hasn’t come back and is still deployed or something to that extent?

Whenever anybody goes and ask they are told that exact story and they’ll ask if he wishes to give it up but it never happens. Then the car sinks deeper into the dirt and rusts a little bit more 🙁

Plymouth Cuda 440 4 speed
Hard to get a good shot

I’ve been told that the car has a 440 in it so if its original or not I have no idea. However at this point of time I don’t really care because I had a 440 Challenger and it was a damn fun car. Mine was an automatic however so four speed in this Cuda would be that much more fun. That’s if you can get another shell because this one a shot beyond belief.

Plymouth Cuda 440 4 speed
Rear Shot

so original or not you should never get a pretty penny in return if you just picked it up to fix up and not restore. however Mopar parts aren’t cheap these days. At least out with Mark Warman BS on his show. You watch him put a Vic Edelbrock carb on the engines so that’s not even a new old stock piece or even restored peace 🙁

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