Duel Valiant is still alive

If your a Truck Driver or not you should remember this car as being Epic!

This shows the Duel Valiant is still alive and waiting for someone to pick it up and make a Reboot of the movie that seems to be so needed 😀

Yes this car was never something that I dreamed of owning that is for sure but, that was back in the day when I had a 440 Challenger. So there was no way you would catch me driving a slant six 4 door Valiant even if you paid me 🙁

However things do change and now that these cars are kind of rare to see on the streets I may have changed my mind a lil bit?

I do have a 440 Police Interceptor with forged pistons and a steel crank left over in stock. So now I see this car as an ultimate sleeper. Think about how lil boost would be needed to make enough Horsepower to put this thing in the 9’s 😛

Not only that but the fact that it doesn’t weigh jack plus the 4 door makes it look slow as balls. If you can keep the cam mellow enough to keep it quiet and not hear any Turbo spooling when your driving around the pits at the track you will be able to take out a lot of cars. Only if your running NT on your window so nobody will know the full potential of the car however 👿

I guess the hardest part would be trying to hide the fact that your running slicks or DOT slicks on the back. That way even less people would think anything of this car.

Actually that brings another thought to mind? Does anyone make a K frame kit for this A body that lets you throw a LS1 engine into this chassis? Then you could do the Hot Rod deal with a junkyard engine, EBAY turbo and make a 1000 Horsepower fairly reliably and really shake up the strip 🙄


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