Epic 413 Chrysler Imperial Survivor

As the title says this is an Epic Find

Went to check out the Epic 413 Chrysler Imperial Survivor again and it sold at 12am last night, wrecker towed it to LI 🙁 Not a big car fan normally but, this thing is awesome 🙂

Chrysler big car
Craigslist Find

So the shop I deal with Main Street Motors in Somerville New Jersey comes up with some incredible vehicles that I still don’t know how they find at times. This obviously being one of them.

Big Mopar
Love this Head Lights

They seem to find large Mopars quite often that I wind up being driving either the car back or the truck we took up to look at it if the vehicle is known to be drivable like a 440 Brougham that we picked up a few years ago in the middle of PA.

Chrysler tank
Big Door

This one came as a complete surprise when he pulled up with the trailer towing this baby. We had a similar Mopar before this one with that one being a New Yorker with a Golden Lion 413 powering it. It had killer tail fins and tail lights too however these tail lights take the cake as far as I’m concerned!

Imperial Fin
Best Tail Light out there

Just look at this things. I thought the headlights where awesome and used to see a bunch of Imperials at a now defunct junk yard named Kobers not far from me. I always say the fronts of the cars and never took a look at the rear to see these tail lights cause if I did I do think I would have grabbed em up! Not even for a custom car but, maybe for killer light up book ends on a shelf or something like that?

Chrysler big car
Big Mopar inside

Then it has the classic steering wheel that a lot of big old Mopar products have. Of course it has a push button auto cause would it really be a Chrysler without it?

Big Chrysler
Great Fins

Killer dash to go along with it and a great interior along with what seem to be solid floors and minimal rust on a car this old. Telling ya this is a survivor to say the least!

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