Falcon Convertible start after long storage

This Falcon was someones project years ago.

So finally this Falcon Convertible start after long storage seems better than what I would have thought? Mostly because I know when this car arrived and how long it has sat around waiting.

Convertible Falcon
Survivor Falcon?

Someone was working on restoring this car years ago and then it got stuck in a garage for some time. For some reason it was then evicted from it’s parking spot and wound up on a side of this lot.

Last inpsected
Been off road for a while

It then went from the side lot to the back lot last year or so 😕 It got a car cover on it at least but, now that the lot if moving it had to go.

Amazingly after hitting the points with some sand paper it fired up and ran rather well too. I would have thought that it would be a sputtering mess with how bad the gas had become from sitting so long.

Starting up
Straight 6 Engine

Being an automatic you would expect the thing to be bucking and sputtering a lot more than it was after sitting so long.

Now it is just going to need a new convertible top and a bit of quarter panel body work to get it up to snuff. Make a nice summer car cruiser that will get decent gas milage at least.

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