Ford Sunliner Cadillac and more going for auction

Small part of a much larger collection sitting in a back lot that will soon be going up for auction do to location sale.

So this Ford Sunliner Cadillac and more going for auction and I am pissed that I don’t have the money or location to store any of this stuff 🙁

No but seriously I want some of this collection bad!

Solid Frame

Not that I am a fan of the Sunliner cause I am not really a fan of those model Fords. However there is a Maverick 4 door that is a 5 lug model. Yeah it’s a 6 cylinder car but, it’s got a 8 inch rear with the 5 lug rims so it’s strong enough for a decent V8 swap. Plus being that it’s a 4 door….SLEEPER 🙂

Swap Ford
Awaiting a V8

Then there is a solid Cadillac sitting in back that was purchased years ago to possibly share parts with other Cadillacs in the collection. Seems it never lost any parts so it has been sitting swallowed up be the weeds again waiting for someone to save it 😕

Solid Project

Then there is a Convertible Falcon under the cover next to it. The roof has to be recovered but the car was a nice Fire Engine Red and I can definitely see it being rescued by someone in the need for a project.

There are plenty of Pontiacs in the collection too. One Lemans with the good old over head cam straight six in it too that runs fine. Body is in excellent shape to boot. Then plenty of other Pontiacs that are mostly parts cars that have solid frames or other things that make them worth saving.

Along with that there are plenty of V8 engines from Cadillacs, Chevrolets and Pontiacs all over the garage inside protected from the elements.

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