Grandville Convertible on Craigslist

Found right after ’62 Pick Up

Survivor Pontiac
Grandville Nose

This Pontiac Grandville Convertible Find came right after the 1962 Chevrolet Pick Up was found on Saturday. The difference should be fairly obvious as to who will be a buyer for this one.

Convertible Pontiac
Decent View

So this was a car on the radar for some time for the buyer. Of course any Pontiac is on the buyers radar especially a Convertible, much less a Grandville Convertible! Now on Craigslist by clicking > HERE!

Driver side view
Beter View?

Yes when it was started the first thing that came to mind was what an exhaust leak. However we found it right away and it should not be a big deal to fix it up as it is right off the manifold itself. While we were in the engine compartment I noticed the Air Conditioning belt wasn’t hooked up. Almost never are on cars of this age now.

Almost wanted to reach over and see if the compressor was seized or not but, chose not to do it while the owner of the car was showing it off to us. Then I was volunteered somehow to remove the plates that had very rusty screws 🙁 Of course most screws except for upfront where they were rusty and the bottom ones are filled with dirt which took a while to get out.

Grandville interior
A bit rough
Then took another quick look in the trunk that was fairly solid and still had the original rug along with the spare tire with it’s original cover. We didn’t put the rood down as it was drizzling and he told us that it had a slight scissoring problem. However, we can fix that without a problem.

It has some small rust problems but, nothing all too awful. A bit of rust not he bumpers and the interior could have had a slightly better front seat. However, it is an old Pontiac and what else would you expect for something this old anyway 😕

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