Hammered Pontiac Convertible

While it’s not a Barn Find it is still a find!

This Hammered Pontiac Convertible was spotted after going to look at a Cadillac convertible a few blocks away. We went into the office of the gas station to find nobody even knew it was there?

Pontiac Convertible
Smashed Grille

You would think that someone in the gas station/garage office would know what cars are in the lot. Even if they do not know specific information at least something about it would have been wonderful.

However each person we asked knew absolutely nothing about the car. To the extent of almost no even acknowledging any of the cars were there at all. It was almost like someone was doing this under the table and trying to sneak it out of the bosses nose or something to that extent 😕

With the condition the car was in you would think they would be happy to try to sell it for the customer whoever the owner was. I mean aside from the body damage on the body the transmission drivetrain parts are sitting on the interior and on the seats not making it very lightly it was going to go back together and not leave a destroyed interior.

So we tried to get any information and they all denied it’s existence, so we basically walked away from it. So it’s probably still sitting there to this day 🙁

Heck if you see it or manage to get your hands on it let us know because nobody but nobody knew anything about it.

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