INSANE 1957 Chevy Wagon Rat Rod

Some Rat Rods are cool 🙂

This INSANE 1957 Chevy Wagon Rat Rod is one of those Rat Rods that caught my attention for some reason? These cars can be very Hit or Miss in my tastes as far as I’m concerned but, this one in a way is different.

57 Rat Rod Chevy Wagon
Backing Out

From what is able to be found about this Rat Rod Chevy is that it was the 2013 ‘Rat Rod Build Off’ winner. It’s a chopped and channeled 1957 Chevrolet Wagon but, that should be obvious just from looking at it. The frame was manufactured by ITW Hot Rods then the 355 cubic inch small block was built by Yeoman Racing Engines.

57 Rat Rod Chevy Wagon
355ci SBC

The car was then purchased by Rick Newberry who obviously liked what he saw. To me I am not all that sure if I would want to buy a Rat Rod as much as build my own. Then that brings me to a few of my fails that I see with this car 🙁 First would be the non functional doors forcing you to enter through the hole in the roof. Yes some may think who cares that is just plain killer but, then he is seen stepping on the Header while getting out.

57 Rat Rod Chevy Wagon

So I am not seeing the header lasting all that long taking the stress of a full grown man putting his weight on it. That and it is going to be hot and burn the bottom of his sneakers. Or possibly when it melts it will make him slip and fall off or something to that extent 😕

57 Rat Rod Chevy Wagon
Header Step
Yes I know that is stupid stuff to be thinking about on a vehicle like this but, it does cross my mind if I was going to be driving it. Then in the video when the Police car hit the Cherries behind him you would swear it was going to be pulled over. Wouldn’t you think driving something that looks like this would get some tickets 😯
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