Junkyard with Caddy Flower Car Find

This junkyard crawl reminds me of Kobers

So this Junkyard with Caddy Flower Car Find as I said reminds me of an epic Junkyard named Kobers that was in Washington NJ near me decade ago now?

Cadillac Custom
Needs to be saved

It was somewhat like this yard by the looks of it.

I mean it was setup kind of like this yard too since it seems to have the cars grouped into like kinds. When you see all the Corvans and Corvair style vehicles parked together really reminds me of Kobers.

Chevrolet Corvans
Rare to see

They used to have lanes named things like Ford Lane and other stuff like that so you could more easily navigate around the place when you ask where something could be located at 😕 Then they used to take old Cadillac Ambulances and cut off the back to make them into giant Elcamino’s job trucks. That was they could put the torches and all that equipment in the beds to take back and remove parts off of vehicles for the customers.

Classic Trucks
Old Line in yard
Then the seem to find a more private collection with some gems so to speak. Especially the full Suicide Door Packard that has a history of it’s own. Being said to be from Harras you have to wonder how it got into the shape that it is in? It was traded for a Pistol but, traded to who and what shape was it in at the time the trade was made 😕

It has the magazines in the back so was it a restored car when it was traded that was a show car or was it a car in bad need of restoration that is seen here now 🙁 While it is not exactly a car that I would want I still do respect them a lot. I mean they were factory Hot Rods back in the day. Why else would al the mobsters always be buying them to use right?

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