Kick Start Rat Rod

Yup you read that right, kick Start!

So this slammed Kick Start Rat Rod was a bit of a hit at the 1000 car show out of all the Rat Rods that showed up. At least to the ultra low rider style Rat Rods that is cause there all kinds there.

So there was typical Rat Rods as in cars thrown together with parts from here and there from the 30’s. Then there was even some 1050’s Cadillac Rat Rods that were pretty cool too. However this car had an interesting interior design to it.

Not Rat Rod style
Aluminum Interior

That is not exactly my first choice as for an interior for a Rat Rod of this style 🙁
Then you can see the roof is new sheet metal by the looks of it? You would think with all the detail that was taken while building this Rat Rod that they could have used all new sheet metal and just aged it to look like an old car?

Non matching sheet metal
New Roof
The Aluminum Buick Drums up front hid Disc Brakes inside so that was a neat trick that most people wouldn’t catch on to. I heard enough people wowing the Drums while they couldn’t see the discs on the inside for some reason?
Discs inside
Buick Aluminum Drums

Not sure if it was any better than the other Rat Rods around it?
MIsc Rat Rod
One of Many
So this was about the most serious Rat Rod of the show as far as I am concerned at least in it’s year class? There were plenty of 50/60’s style Caddy Rat Rods floating around too. Not that I have anything against them either. I think they make a Rat Rod car that is easier to drive around to cruises or on weekends as compared to this extreme example of a show winner!
Slammed RR
Disc Brakes
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