LeBaron Convertible Turbo going to scrap

Yeah this car was something in the day.

So this Chrysler LeBaron Convertible Turbo going to scrap was a car I was after decades ago believe it or not? We are talking back in the day before the imports came around to flood the market 🙁

Chrysler Turbo LeBaron Convertible
Convertible LeBaron Turbo

Don’t get me wrong either. The car was a lot cleaner way back then too along with the fact that it was a Turbo convertible and all.

I remember having asked about it decades ago but, don’t remember if the car had a blown head gasket or not? Back then it was a bit out of my price range too believe it or not? Of course this was considered a somewhat decent car to have 25 or so years ago. Heck for how small a car it looks to be on the outside, it is actually a rather large car on the inside believe it or not?

So upon dragging it out from where it sat for a decade or so it seems to have turned into a car that would need a Mark Worman restoration or something? Not like it’s a Hemi or a 6 Pack car or anything but, hey it is a Turbo convertible LeBaron so it’s something right?
Chrysler LeBaron Turbo Convertible
Dragging out LeBaron
Anyway, we take it to the scrap yard and again are shocked about the cars either that are being scrapped or the vehicles being used to scrap stuff on the video. The 2 Jeeps I saw I would take in a second. Either the 4 door that was being dropped off the roll back next to us that seemed to be a loaded one too.

Or the worst at the end when some scrap chick wearing Pink is scrambling for a cart for her load of crap. Then I see a 2 or 3 year old Yellow Wrangler sitting at the base of the scales. Trying to figure out just how much scrap you can fit in a vehicle that small to make it worth using as a scraping truck but, I was soon turned to shock as it was driven over the scales and then the plates were removed as they scrapped it 😯

New Jeep Scrapped
Late Wranger Scrapped!

Tell me how you couldn’t get more money selling it off as an entire running driving vehicle than just scrapping it?

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