Lincoln Mark 6 Survivor 30k miles

Gorgeous Mark six Lincoln survivor

This Lincoln Mark 6 Survivor 30k miles was dancing in the garage since the 1990s when it was last on the road. It was then purchased but the people that moved it did so with very bad gas in the tank.

Mark 6
Rear View

The car was then brought to the garage after being started outside and not running very well. It was a notice that had a variable venture a carburetor which is one of the harder carburetors to work on. Luckily we had the same one in stock, however turned out I was didn’t have a throttle position sensor on it.

Clean Survivor Mark 6
Survivor Mark 6

So then rebuild kit had to be ordered for this carburetor which turned out to be an interesting thing to order. Other than that scores an excellent original condition. With the exception of the eight track player seems to have a little bit of a mind of its own. However it does sound like it’s got some form of time warp being played?

Lincoln Mark 6
Trunk Pass

While I have a Lincoln Mark eight so I do like Lincolns however I swing more towards two-door Lincolns and four-door Lincolns. I do like the suicide door Kennedy Lincolns too. Cant wait till I see how nice the car rides once the carburetors rebuilt. It does have a very nice interior to.

Lincoln Mark 6 Survivor
Sitting for Decades

I just don’t see it being very fuel-efficient or that exciting car with my crowd but, then again it just very well might be?

Lincoln Mark 6 Survivor
Damn Clean!

Otherwise it should wind up in Atlantic City up for sale this year. Who knows maybe one of the last Years it can because it looks as if it’s going out of business 🙁 Although I must say I was never big gambler anyway none of money to play around with. I just like the blow it all on my cars 🙂

Lincoln Mark 6 Survivor
Some other Hub Caps
Lincoln Mark 6 Survivor
Sitting in Shop
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