Mexican Barn Find Shelby Mustang

Mexican Barn Find Shelby Mustang!

Mexican Barn Find Shelby
Mexican Barn Find Shelby

So this is the big question about this Mexican Barn Find Shelby Mustang. I mean yeah it is a Shelby so it has worth but, it is beyond rough 🙁

OK it is a 1965 Shelby GT350 to begin with. So yes it is a rare bird so to speak even thought I am not a Ford fan in any way. Well maybe a little but, that is when it comes to the Cammer or the Boss 429 Hemi. Mostly because they are ultra rare or that they are Hemi’s. Heck I am even a fan of the Ardun Hemi but, I own a ’98 Lincoln with a 4.6 MOD engine so go figure on that one.

Stickers prove where it’s been

Back to the Shelby Stang, this thing is beyond rough. I’m not talking Rusted to death either as I am from the rust belt in New Jersey. So I see Mustangs that have rust in places that you wouldn’t even think a car could rust in the first place 🙄

Rather rusty interior
No this only seems to have fairly minor surface rust that could be fairly easily dealt with. Then you see the interior and think to yourself What The Hell happened here 😕 Was this a race car at some point or what? Just a drivers seat, no rugs or anything 🙁 Then you look a bit closer and there is also no shifter as it was a 4 speed car. There is just a big old hole in the floor where the shifter should be sticking out of it. Along with no console if it had one in the first place.

So yes I have seen Barn Find Shelby Mustangs but, they were all there right down to the air cleaner. This one seeing as there is no shifter there might not even be an engine under the hood? So how would this car really be worth anything as a Shelby as it seems to have been stripped of all the good parts.

Ford mustang
Well this is a racing dash
At this point I would have to say this car is a perfect candidate for a full restoration cause it needs a lot of work and I am not saying that it is rotted out of anything. I saw return this Shelby to stock and then you may be able to put some value into it. Otherwise, it’s not much more than any other Mustang at this point.
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