Million Dollar Collection Donated

Million Dollar Collection Donated

So how often do you hear of a Million Dollar Collection Donated or anything like that going down? Well I would wish it to be to me but, that is never going to happen so 🙁

Old Classic Cars
More of the Collectoin

Looking at this collection in a way makes you wonder however. It is a very wide variety of car types so the collector wasn’t biased to any one model or manufacturer of car it would seem 😕

Seems like he bought what he saw and liked. Especially when you see some of the Jaguars because when you see the engines and notice how dirty the engines are. So it looks like he would buy the cars and then just store them in his collection. Also wind up seeing a lot of Thunderbirds of a few years.

Only problem is I wasn’t seen any of the 1950’s T-Birds. Mostly the 1960’s that aren’t really worth anything except to a few people that love them not knowing of the electrical problems the have. Even had some late 2000 Thunderbirds in the collection so you know he was collecting up till now it would seem.

Old Truck and Car
Older Cars in Collection
I did notice a Bullet nose on a Studebaker so at least he had a bit of taste when it cam to some of the older stuff. Otherwise, it is kind of hard to tell where his tastes lie as some of the real old cars aren’t the iconic. Along with the fact that he just bought them and stored them in his garage it would seem. Them having the school kids come in to clean everything up so they can be auctioned off.

Yes, he must have had some money to donate a Million dollars worth of cars. Or got one heck of a tax write off to say he least. Now you wonder if he has started collecting all over again after he gave this all away 😕

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