More abandoned car and truck stash

More abandoned car and truck stash

Yet another video of More abandoned car and truck stash that is an unknown location? However this stash also contains some later model vehicles along with the classic iron.

Scrap Truck
What Kind of Truck?

This is somewhat of a dream find if you just happen to be walking through the woods one day. You see something up in the distance and upon getting closer you jump for joy 🙂 However some of these vehicles are a bit worse for wear as can be seen in the video or the pictures. Not even Rat Rod material with how bad some of them look 😕

GM wreck
Abandoned Chevy

Sure there are some new TV shows showing people picking car bodies out of creaks and rivers but, I am not seeing how they are able to use any of the body parts they are finding at all. Quite a shame too as some of these cars sitting in the woods look like they could have been something interesting if they were savable.

Cars not savable
Abandoned Cars

Then as who ever was video taping this walks along they come into a stash of later model pieces for some reason 😕 Mostly front ends consisting of fenders, radiator supports and grilles for some reason? Makes you wonder what kind of either junk yard or collection this was. Sure the old stuff seems to have been there for decades but, then why is the later (60’s) stuff sitting around there fairly untouched sort of.

Rusted beyond saving
Beyond rescue

In other words why did they take the noses off of a bunch of cars and then just sit them all hap hazard off to the side in such a way? No I don’t claim to be an expert at Junkyards or anything but, I have been to enough of them scrounging around for parts for my 1939 Plymouth or old Muscle Cars. I even hit up a local scrap/junkyard for a 4×4 Ford Explorer Van that had rear ended a car and they didn’t even have stuff in this screwy manor 😕

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