Moving a Rotted ’59 Kingwood

This has to one of the worse cars of the lot?

When this car was purchased it looked rather good until time took it’s toll. Then while Moving a Rotted ’59 Kingwood the dry rotted tire had to be inflated. How it holds are is beyond me?

Yes, this has to be the worst tire I have ever seen that is still capable of holding air? Even if it is just for a short amount of time so the car can be moved around a lot I’m still amazed that it is able to keep air in it when the cars weight is put back down onto it 😯

1959 Kingwood Wagon
Does it get worse?

Then the fact that when they took this car in as a trade in, it actually looked very good! While sitting in the back side of the lot for decades for the most part because who would want a non moving ’59 Kingwood wagon with a 3 on the tree standard transmission?

Chevy Kingwood wagon
Beyond Bad

Heck most people cannot drive a standard transmission on the floor much less a 3 on the tree these days! I have had 2 shift not he column cars that I can remember and while they are not that hard to drive, it is a bit annoying having to reach up behind the wheel for ever shift 🙁

1959 Kingwood
Passenger no better

However back to the body work. After sitting for over 2 decades pretty much under a tree the bondo that had been laid on rather thick decided to disintegrate away showing the immense amount of patches that had been used on this car. Yeah yeah I know people will say they have seen worse but, this thing did not show any traces of it having body work that was that bad back in the day.

Rare power steering option
Power Steering off of Generator…RARE!

Heck as you can see from the front studded snow tire how long this must have sat around. That tire is dry rot beyond dry rot and yet it still holds air somehow 😛

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