Moving a Sprint 6 Cylinder 4Brl 4 Speed with Rust

So what was a fairly rare and neat Pontiac needed to be moved over today.

Problem with Moving a Sprint 6 Cylinder 4Brl 4 Speed with Rust should be quite obvious watching this video. Not really sure if this car is going to be a restorable car or just a plain old parts bin for someone with a solid body?

Seems that this care was originally an over head cam six cylinder with a 4 barrel carburetor to boot! Then it was a 4 speed center console car to boot with bucket seats. So even though someone ordered a car that got good gas mileage it was still a sporty and good looking lil car.

Destroyed by rot
Need a spare Trans?

Someplace along it’s life it wound up in this collection most likely for parts as I don’t think the car could have rusted as bad as it did in the amount of time it sat here.

I mean you really have to sit for some serious time to get the gas tank to drop out onto the dirt right 😕

Rusted Out Pontiac
Why wont it roll?

Then you can see out through the kick panels in the foot wells too. That and it’s unfortunate cause the interior did look like it could have been a nice looking deal if the car was restored or used in another Pontiac.

Rust sucks no mater how you want to look at it when your an old car fan.

Kick Panel Rust
Center Console Car Too

Then of course when you have an interesting old tin con Pontiac like this it really seems to set it’s teeth into ripping it apart 🙁 I mean really like I said this is probably a pretty cool car and would make a great Friday night cruiser or something to take the family out for a weekend spin. However no, it would seem that Rust just got it’s hands on it and destroyed anything that you could possibly take out now including the gas tank 😛

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