Mustang on wrong side of the tracks

Been seeing this Mustang for a while now.

Wanna talk about a Mustang on wrong side of the tracks? Been passing this Mustang Coupe for what seems like a year now just sitting with the door propped open 🙁

Mustang by tracks
Sitting with door open?

Not that I am a Mustang fan mind you, much less a Mustang Coupe fan especially in the early years but, what the heck is the deal with this thing?

It doesn’t seem to be in the worse shape for the most part. Then again why has the door been left open all these years to the elements and what ever animal that decides to live in it! It has it’s hub caps and the body does’t look all that bad for the most part but, the door does seem like it could have been hit or something like that.

Anyway you want to look at it I am surprised nobody has tried to sweep this thing up as a summer project or something? It is not to far from a major scrap yard is how we came upon it. Then overtime we go on a scrap run we end up driving by it yet again. As you can see I came up the opposite way looking for it this time catching a triple engine Railroad Train of tankers in what you could say are the wrong side of the tracks 😕

There where some other interesting cars parked in front of houses around a few blocks from this car. One being a 1980 Malibu that looked pretty solid but, that is more my style and older Mustangs don’t do it for me. I would jump on a Notch Fox Body Mustang if I found a decent one sitting in a yard forgotten like this one in a second though. Just not this one as it is most likely a straight six so big whoop! Heck just got done fixing an early ’68 Convertible stick straight six one last month that I have to finish editing the video of swapping cylinder heads on it so I can throw that up on my sight as that one sat forever too!

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