Mustang, Tractors, Wreckers Craigslist Finds

While attempting to look at a ’68 Mustang we found these.

All these Mustang, Tractors, Wreckers Craigslist Finds were on the property before the rusted in half ’68 we went to look at 🙄

Mustang for sale
Chased off from buying it

After we told hime politely that the ’68 was worse than we had been told, so our winch would not have the power to pull it up on our trailer especially not without it breaking in half while trying 🙁

We immediately asked about the much better looking coupe but, were then yelled at that nothing else is for sale and he was going to scrap it all if we didn’t take the ’68.

Tractor find
Ferguson Tractor

So I kept getting pictures telling him that this stuff was gold and don’t scrap anything. He had Ferguson Tractors.

Doser tractor
Ford Tree Tractor

An old Ford Tractor that had become one with a tree somehow sitting there so long!

Chevy roll back
Crew Cab Roll Back

Then a killer crew cab roll back that was being consumed with the underbrush it has been sitting back there so long.

Engine in yard
Old Corvette Engine

Of course there are all sorts of engines sitting all over the property. Anything from Small Block Chevys to FE Ford Big Blocks!

Ford Big Block
Sitting next to ’68

Then he also had a bunch of convertible hard tops laying around the property too. When I asked he had a story of where each of them came from and still have the cars they went to!

Convertible hard top
Wish I remembered what this went to
Unknown roof
Another roof that had a story

I then saw this Mustang coupe on Craigslist the very next day after we had been told it’s not for sale when we had asked about it before hand.

Mustang for sale
Chased off from buying it

So they could have had a sale instead of chasing us off the property for not wanting the bad ’68 🙁

Bad Mustang
Shot ’68 Mustang
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