Mystery Cowl debunked

The Mystery Cowl Proved

The Mystery Cowl debunked by the trim tag off of the Cowl itself as it was finally found. Not only that there are the original pictures of the vehicle it was not only cut from for the Air Conditioning but, the closed Junk Yard in NJ it came from!

Tempest Tag
Cowl Tag

Yes it is now proven that it did not come from a Chevy C10 pick up truck like so many assumed most likely from the single jar master cylinder.

Where Tempest was foubd
Kobers Junk Yard

No it was a much more lowly vehicle than that. It was a plane jane Pontiac Tempest wagon that was outfitted with Air Conditioning. It was even a over head cam straight six car with Air Conditioning. So you know this car was a real rocket ship from the get go right?

Air Conditioned Tempest Wagon
Rear View of Tempest
It was purchased from the long ago defunct New Jersey Junk Yard named Kobers. I used to try to make monthly trips to this Junk Yard as it had it ALL. If it existed then you could find it here when it comes to old and I do mean OLD cars from the 1950’s and 60’s. Heck there was even a Hard Rubber Tire Mack Truck sitting back in the woods!
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