Numbers Matching 68 440 Charger

Numbers Matching 68 440 Charger

This is a reasonably nice Numbers Matching 68 440 Charger that is not one of my favorite of the Mopars. Possibly because of the “Dukes of Hazard” and seeing enough of these car being beaten to death is why? That or if I was going to drive a large car like this I would want a Superbird or Daytona but, we all know that isn’t going to happen 🙄

All in all this car seems to be a good starting point for someone who likes this body style. It has had one quarter replaced at some point in it’s life and then it rotted out again. So I would have to think it was replaced from an accident way back when this car was much newer than it is now.

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Numbers matching 440

Aside from it having a seized engine according to the author of the video it has all numbers matching right down to the transmission. Seeing as it is only a 440 single 4 barrel car and being an automatic I would not think this is one of the higher dollar cars once it is restored. Not knocking it but, as I said it is not one of my favorite of Mopars as that would be my ’71 RT Challenger I owned back in the late 80’s. Yes it would have been a much more valuable car if it had the original 340 4 speed that it came with but’ it was a 440 Police Interceptor engine with a manual valve body 727 trans along with a 4:56 spooled 8 3/4 rear end out back.

Fast yes but worth a lot less when I bought it back off the 3 person that owned it after I had sold it in the late 90’s. Who ever bought it on EBAY left the engine and trans with me cause they weren’t #’s matching to the car. So I still have a 440 727 drivetrain to sell off 🙂
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Nosleepatall moderator

@lukeaction  I would say sweet but, this thing is gonna need a complete restoration. Sold off my '71 RT Challenger with a much straighter body and shot floors. Lots of rust under Bondo on it too.


@Nosleepatall @lukeaction  Well, of course.  But the finished product would have proof of its originality prior to restoration.  Most restorations these days lose the story along the way. Pity.