Packard Golden Hawk

Should have picked this one up 🙁

As I said I should have picked up this Packard Golden Hawk when I had the chance. It was at a Barn Auction and was one of the perfect cars that they had been selling that day.

Packard Craigslist Find

Actually it was a almost perfect car that was being sold but, all the vehicles there were for sale at that moment. This just being one of the better ones at first.

Packard Survivor
Craigslist Find Survivor

This Packard would be one of the more interesting cars near the end of it’s days. This 1958 Packard Hawk was basically a Studebaker Golden Hawk 400 with a fibreglass front end with a modified deck lid.

Instead of the Studebaker Hawk’s upright Mercedes Benz kind of grille, the Packard Hawk had a wider low opening just above the front bumper and covering the entire width of the vehicle. Above this was a smoothly sloping nose and hood reminiscent of the 1953 Studebakers but, with a bulge as on the Golden Hawk accommodated the engine’s McCulloch supercharger that gave the Studebaker 289 CI (4.7 L) V8 a total of 275 bhp (205 kW). At the rear the sides of the fins were coated in metallized PET film giving them a shiny metallic gold appearance. A fake spare-tire Continental bulge adorned the 1953 style Studebaker deck lid. PACKARD was spelled out in capitals across the nose with a gold PACKARD emblem in script along with a Hawk badge on the trunk lid and fins.
Survivor Packard
Fake Spare Tire
This models interior was fully done in Leather with full gauges in an engine turned dash insert. It then had padded armrests outside the windows almost like a High End Boat would have back in the day.
Studebaker/Packard was the first auto maker to popularize the limited-slip differential which they termed Twin-Traction. Most Packard Hawks came with TT. It was certainly the fastest Packard ever sold since it shared the majority of its components with Studebaker’s Golden Hawk along with being a much later model. The price was $3995 around $700 higher than the Studebaker model because it had a more luxurious interior. Electric windows and power seats were optional extras at the time.
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