Pier Collector Car Find

Not a Barn Find exactly but, it’s OK

This Pier Collector Car Find has pretty much everything you would want to find. Anything from Convertible Corvettes to Ford Fairlane Retractible’s. Then Jeeps, Mustangs, GMC’s to Volkswagen Convertibles too.

This was quite a shock even to me when we hit this collection. First thing that happened upon getting to the get to get here was I had to go show my ID to Homeland Security 😯 Wasn’t that bad as the security agent looked a bit like Mila Kunis so I wasn’t that upset 🙂

Then we were told we had to follow a security agent to lead us to the Pier we were scheduled to be at. When we got there is when we got the shock of our day for the most part!

Along with a '55 Chevy
1959 Elcamino

First thing I see is one of my wish list cars, a 1959 Elcamino of all things. Then a ’55 Chevy next to that and what at first I was thinking was a Boss Mustang or something similar to that?

Possible Kit Car at garage
AC Cobra or?

then from what could possibly be a Kit Car to loads of collector cars like Fairlane retractibles (one that we had auctioned off last year) to Vette Convertibles and older Impalas too.

Thunderbirds to Corvettes
More Cars in Collection
All kinds of interesting things like Jeep Scramblers and GMC trucks to Porches but, not to many imports in this collection.

Then a few Dodges like a GTX or 2 and some Chargers to mix things up. All the way to a Volkswagen Convertible Beetle in the back parked behind a Primer Black Corvette. Most of the cars seemed to be Small Blocks but, a few of the Corvettes had 427 badges on the hoods. I didn’t go as far as popping the hoods open to see if they actually where Big Blocks or not?

Anyway we were informed that all of the cars are for sale so it made it even more interesting to look around. Worst thing about this place was if you did not get escorted out by the same agent that brought you in you faced a $1500 fine if you are caught unattended 🙁

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