Plymouth Collection in a Barn

I saw this collection 25 years ago.

Abandoned Barracuda
One of Many

Like I said I saw this Plymouth Collection in a Barn over 25 years ago and it still has not changed. Barracudas to Cuda’s and even some 30’s Plymouths are in this collection of stuff!

All kinds of cars
Even AMC’s and Kit Cars

I don’t know all to much about this collection besides the fact that I am doubting the owner will ever get back to it 🙁 I was told that one Cuda body is a parts car to another one stored on the property but, they are both starting to really rot away. Making them kind of worthless to each other then. Then all the Barracudas that are stored back there is kind of incredible.

One of many cars
Desoto awaiting restoration

Why the crushed Barracuda was saved is beyond me. That is unless it is a Hemi or something super rare like that? Maybe it is a car someone proposed to his wife in or something like that? Otherwise I can’t figure out why someone would save something so wasted for as many years as this stuff has been here. This stuff just go’s on and on in these barns, it is hard to believe.

Why Save It unless it's rare
Hemi maybe?

I couldn’t see myself paying for storage all those years for something that isn’t really going to be worth anything when it is restored. How much money does the owner have that he could just drop that kind of money for years and years and not even check on his cars?

Awaiting restoration
30’s Plymouth

Well maybe one day I will hit the Lotto numbers so I can store stuff away for no reason and just forget about it all like this guy? Owner tells me that quite a few of the people that had stuff stored here have died of old age and then he winds up selling the cars off. Exciting prospect until you figure out on how to get a title so you can actually use the car that you bought?

Plymouth Parts Cars
Cuda Parts Car
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