Power and Speed – Mike Solo – Goof session with callers

Mike flying Solo

Poweaer and Speed – Mike Solo – Goof session with callers on tonight’s podcast was rather interesting seeing as it may have had the most callers of any podcast yet?!

Mike Podcasts alone
Mike flying Solo

Tom was away for this episode so it was not planned to have one

So, I was not there even though I like a short 12 minutes or so away.

All in all, it seemed to be quite a good episode considering that it was all unplanned and Mike just spoke what he felt like this particular night’s Podcast. Plenty of callers called and Mike had plenty to say it seemed that night.

I listened from my house and thought about calling in if it seemed to be getting dead but, I never heard a spot for me to call in. So I listened in to the entire show for once and only heard my name get brought up maybe once of twice. Again I would have called in if I felt the need but, it was all Mike for the most part.

Then the next show when Tom came back my Lincoln broke on the way home but, I had the GoPro catch it all HERE It just increased my hate for anything FOMOCO pretty much.

Freaking rotten engineering to save a penny in my vision. Every ball joint that I have dealt with uses a threaded stud end with a castellated nut with a cotter pin in it to keep it from spinning and coming loose. Not so with this Lincoln/Thunderbird spindle. It sticks through the upright top of the spindle and then has a bolt pinch it shut. Not the strongest way to do it and the safety was ridiculously weak letting the ball joint pop out be slowly driving over a railroad crossing 🙁

The title says it all.

New Episode Of Power And Speed

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