Rare Old Motorcycle 1917 Triumph (model H)

Awesome Triumph at Jacktown PA show

This Rare Old Motorcycle 1917 Triumph (model H) was a rather interesting sight to see at the Jacktown PA Hit n Miss show. Not exactly what one would expect to see at a show of old Tractors and Steam Tractors.

Survivor Triumph
Model H engine

While I have been to this show about 3 times now it always seems to surprise me with what shows up there 🙄

This event I saw this motorcycle off in the distance but, by the time I was able to get near enough to it to get some video a lot of people had already gathered around. I was not able to get a full lowdown about this Rare Old Motorcycle 1917 Triumph (model H) because of that.

1917 Triumph model H
Owner Demo of maintenance

I didn’t even get a shot of the owner starting the Triumph either unfortunately 🙁 I wanted to get a bit more information about this bike to like if the headlight was an Acetylene unit. Or get some close ups of the magneto or the leather belt drive. Plus find out of this bikes history and just if it is still in as found condition.

Triumph 1917 model H
Survivor 1917 Model H

I like survivor cars and tractors so a survivor motorcycle would definitely be on the list of awesome things to find or see!

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