Real Barn Find 1965 Mustang Fastback AFX Gasser

Real Barn Find 1965 Mustang Fastback A/FX Gasser

A/FX Mustang
A/FX Mustang

This is very interesting Real Barn Find 1965 Mustang Fastback AFX Gasser seeing as you don’t expect to find an A/FX Mustang as an average find. Not that it’s a Mustang because there are plenty of them as Barn Finds, it’s the A/FX part that is the kicker 😕

Now onto the find as it is a bit of an odd ball car to be used as an Gasser. Gasser’s where a bit of a dying breed by the time Mustangs where taking hold of the market. Then he found this one in New York State forgotten about in a Barn is bit of a kicker.

However he found it and is now restoring it so to speak for his use. He put a set of Drag Stars on it that kind of mixes up the cars era look. Thinking he should have got a set of the old school kidney bean Mags that they are remaking now to keep the look correct. It already has the flared rear fenders so he is clear on having to do any body modifications to it.

Then it still has Drum brakes all around. Yeah it is period look and feel but, it is not going to pass any form of tech for any racing body today. Yes he can race the Old Time drags but, if it goes fast enough somebody may say something about it.

Why he picked a 351 Cleveland is kind of beyond me as I know of the engines weaknesses. It has very good breathing cylinder heads even if they are only 2v heads but, the engine block is glass. He would have been better off using a Windsor engine block with the Cleveland heads on it for much more Horse Power potential.

Guess he couldn’t find a decent FE engine to use in the car or a holy grail Cammer engine. The SOHC engine is one of the Gasser favorites but, are rare as Hens teeth anymore 🙁 However if he had one he could actually get paid to make runs as an exhibition vehicle 🙂

Went to look for any video of the actual Barn that he found this in or when it was dirty but, all I could find was this vid after he put the stripes on it. That and a somewhat lame vid of the first start of the 351 in it 🙁

Now he seems to be selling it for some reason 😕

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