Riding in Cars with Boys and then Forgotten

Ever wonder what happens to Movie cars?

So this Riding in Cars with Boys and then Forgotten car is allegedly a car used for a poster shot. I do remember seeing a picture poster with Drew Barrymore standing next to this car.

Unfortunately, it was so long ago I can’t remember where and I can’t seem to find the poster anymore 🙁 Now the car has been pulled out of long term storage and we get to see all that was packed in the trunk for years!

1966 Chevy Small Block
Unknown SBC

The car was not actually in the movie at all it, was just a prop for her to standby for a picture. Main problem I’ve been told is the car has a soft engine so it was just a prop for a picture for the most part.

Unknown tools
Anyone know what these tools are?

I remember when the car arrived at the dealership a while ago. I had a 1965 impala two door so I took slight interest in the car even though it’s a ’66 4 door. Just figured it would be easy enough to make it look like a ’65 and have an interesting beater sedan 😕

Movie Impala
How much was in this car?
1966 Movie car
Impala trunk is packed

However the more I look at it the more I decided against it, just not four-door kind of guy. That was even before I knew the car had a star history so to speak. Still only being on a poster and not in the actual movie so stars probably never stepped inside the car kind of tarnishes it’s star quality.

Chevrolet parts car
Loads of Tools

If it had been a car used in a hot scene with the stars in the cars maybe have any big sex romp the car would be something? At least being more than just poster car with the stars standing next to the door that is. Or maybe if the car was autographed by a few the stars in the movie but no such luck, so it sits here fading away into obscurity like the rest of the cars in the back lot 😛

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