Running Pontiac Lemans with Rust Issues

I never thought this thing would run 😯

This Running Pontiac Lemans with Rust Issues was quite the shock to me as I have seen it degrade over the years to what it has become. It was always something I figured was going to be a Demo Derby car one day if it ran?

Wood Grain Wagon
Rare View these days

I mean really seeing as I am not that much of a Wagon fan in the first place. Or even a Pontiac fan for the most part either so this wood grain panel Running Pontiac Lemans with Rust Issues didn’t mean much to me.

Runs after decades
Pontiac Lemans Safari Wagon

However now that everything is being moved I got to see some of the more interesting details about this car. Like when it had come to the Lot years ago and someone wanted to buy it. Then the guy turned it down because the A/C wasn’t cold enough for him 🙄

Lemans Safari wagon

So after sitting all this time and rusting away for the most part, it still managed to pretty much start right up! Never thought I was going to see this thing run again. Well not like I ever saw it run in the first place. It was just a car filling up a spot to me over the years. Does have a feature that I had never seen, the step in the back bumper I assume to let you put luggage on the roof I would assume? Never really noticed that on any wagons but, I don’t think I was ever really looking for that on them?

Pontiac Lemans Wagon
Never seen this before

Aside from that I don’t really remember getting a ride in one of these way back in my youth? I had a lot of friends with parents that had some odd ball cars and convertibles. So I would think I would remember getting a ride in a Pontiac Lemans wagon back in the day?

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