SAAB 900 Turbo Limo Craigslist Add

Yes you read that right

Yes a SAAB 900 Turbo Limo Craigslist Add believe it or not? Now the question is who would make a Limo out of a SAAB is the real stumper.

Full View
Passenger Door SAAB Limo
Pass Door

I have seen various Limousines on Craigslist made it at some very odd cars such as a full trucking beetle or even a Chevrolet Camaro. Then I’ve even seen Corvette limos but to this day this is the only SAAB limo I have seen.

Passenger side
Limo Rear
Rear Door

I never was a very big fan of SAAB’s but, everybody has are famous I would guess? It’s just in the way one of mine. However I do have a picture of a 2 stroke SAAB up on my page somewhere? Those I find very interesting just for the fact that they’ve a three cylinder two stroke engine. The one I have a video of has a fart pipe on it of all things 🙄

Rough Seats
Front Seats
Rotted Dashboard
Just Look at the Dash
Anyway onto this SAAB limousine that someone insisting I’m building. It’s claiming all the mechanical work is done and we’ll just need some interior work. After looking at these pictures I will leave you to judge just how much work is left for this limousine.
Then you will have to think even if after you finish the interior and painting this car who on earth will rent us SAAB limousine and for what? I don’t really see any kids taking it to the prom. In most celebrities are not going to be seen in a somewhat subpar car like this 🙁

Again I have to wonder what was going through someone’s head to build this in the first place. I mean either someone with the real love of SAAB’s or they just had too many spare SAABs laying around and they decided to build this? Heck if it has a stock engine I can’t see how to get out of it’s own way even?

Proof it's a Turbo
Turbo Trunk
Excerpt from Craigslist
Craigslist Add
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