Scrapping a Dakota and see a Grand Am hit the pile!

I was shocked to see the car behind us still running get scrapped!

Scrapping a Dakota and see a Grand Am hit the pile! Seriously sitting there and watch a nice Grand Am behind me hit the scrap pile while still running 😯

Pontiac being scrapped running

So tried in vain to save this Dakota pickup truck but it just seemed like it wasn’t going to be so 🙁

Besides being a little well worn looking and having rusty break line and fuel lines. It also had a rusty frame as you can see from some of the pictures. Well the pictures may not look that bad but, on the back of the cab the frame is stating to bend and would become a two-piece truck in a short amount of time 😛

Scrap Copper
Wonder how much this copper is worth?

So we hit the scales with it and there was a Ford Focus in front of us for some reason? I mean how much weight are you expecting to get in the car and take it over the scales, that’s using the car but as a truck to move the stuff. Not scrapping the car, at least not yet that is.

Behind the cab is the problem
Rotted Frame

We then get the truck back to the section to take the tires off of it getting ready for scrapping it. When I see a somewhat decent Ford up on the lift with a rack body that didn’t look all that bad getting it’s fluids drained. Then watch more vehicles and scrap getting taken out before they get to us. However then a nice looking Grand Am pulls up behind out truck and the driver leaves it running as they lift it up and throw it on the pile 😯

I have seen 5 year old Dodge three quarter ton Ram trucks drive in there looking excellent and get thrown on the scrap pile too but, this Pontiac just didn’t look like something that was ripe for scrapping driving in like that 🙁

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