Some rare convertibles and Muscle being saved

I remember most of these cars from decades ago and then they disappeared 😕

So Some rare convertibles and Muscle being saved is a bit of a guess though as they are not being restored. More like they are going to people that will restore them at least.

Sadly one of the cars I remember the most is that stinking Shadow Convertible because it sat at the dealership for the longest time. Every time the gas prices would skyrocket I thought about being it, then I thought about how I would look if I was seen driving it around 🙁

Gas efficient Dodge
Shadow Convertible

Then I remember the Lemans Convertible but, it had rust issues back then too. That and the tweaked front bumper so I passed on it. Probably because I’m not a convertible fan either but, I may be changing my mind on that these days.

Pontiac Survivor
Lemans Convertible

The next is a Pontiac Firebird that has what could be a sweet interior if it gets restored by the new owner at some point. I Like a White interior with center console Chicken like this one. Although it’s price is going to be a bit beyond what I will be able to afford seeing as how it is gonna need a complete restoration 🙁

Pontiac Firebird
White Interior
Last on the video is a Big Block Stick Elcamino :O I had one Elcamino way back almost a decade ago or so. Loved the car and should have never got ride of it but, it was only a small block one so it didn’t have that much value. This one no longer has the original Big Block in it with a Small Block sitting in it’s place. However it is a stick and that puts it at the top of my list of these cars to have to me at least. Probably because I have a brand new 502 Big Block sitting in my garage looking for a home 😛
Stick Chevrolet
Big Block Elcamino
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