Super Low Mile Fleetwood Brougham

They don’t get much fresher than this Cadillac unless it was wrecked or something 😕

This Super Low Mile Fleetwood Brougham used to belong to a High School drivers Ed teacher to boot. Not only that but, to my Drivers Ed teacher which really made me think back in the day 😛

Low Mile Caddy
Drivers Ed

So this 1979 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham belonged to my High School Gym/Drivers Ed teacher back in the 80’s. Well I never saw him drive it and by the looks of the odometer that would definitely be why this thing has no miles on it at all!

It did have an exhaust leak as the muffler or resonator rusted but, it came with replacement parts so it was no bog deal to put them on as a repair. The car spent most of it’s life in a garage but, as someone had passed away it found itself parked outside for a year. Might be why the exhaust gave up 😕

Anyway, you wanna look at it, if you want to go out for a drive and listen to your 8track tapes then this is the car to do it with 🙂

I have been told it’s the next best thing to a brand new one when your driving around in it as it feels like a brand new car! I prefer 2 door Cadillacs personally. Land yachts like this take up way to much space in my driveway but, I better keep this away from my father then. I could just see him buying a beast like this for some reason 😕

I did get a ride in the Diesel Cadillac that they had at one point in time. It had around 60k or so on the clock and it drove real smooth. I do believe we sold that one to Sweden at Carlisle 2 or 3 years ago? It belonged to a Minister that never seemed to drive it but, the only thing that was broken was the power antennae switch so 🙄

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