Trucks Abandoned in Barn for years

Trucks Abandoned in Barn for years

These Trucks Abandoned in Barn for years are just about my favorite find seeing as I found them and took the video myself while at work one day.

Barn Find Found
Could this be it?
No floor boards
Transmission wasn’t it
Different Engine
Other reason it’s not the one
Not Green Ford
Wrong Color
Completely different Ford
Yeah wrong truck

I got a Parks County job that turned out to be less than was to be thought of and noticed the Parks department was purchasing farms and houses all over NJ. So a Farm with a Barn was purchased in Warren that I had to go to a few times a week. We always passed this abandoned farm and I saw the glint of a headlight or something in a Barn out in back of the house. So one day one of my co-workers dropped me off so I could take a peek at what he thought was back there.

Well from what I was told not only by him but a few other people it definitely was not what I was expecting 😕 Instead of an old Model A Ford as I was told was back there, there was a reasonably solid 1937 Ford V8 Pick Up 😯 Then sitting next to that was a 1936 Dodge Humpback delivery with Plainfield NJ Business logos painted on the doors.

These are the other 2 cars that are abandoned on the property. One being a 4 Door Falcon not exactly sure what the year is as I am not up on Falcon body styles that much. Square tail lights so what ever year it is you should be able to tell by that. Then there is the Pontiac monster sitting there doing nothing. I wish I could save the Pontiac over the Falcon but, that should be obvious as to why I would want to do that. Then there is a vid of the back of the house which kind of shows you what the entire area was like. You can see this house cause it is right on the road too so I don’t know how it has survived like this for as long as it has 😕

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