Ultimate Craigslist Volkswagen Bus Westfalia

Now this will turn heads

Ultimate Craigslist Volkswagen Bus Westfalia would be the vehicle to attract attention at a car cruise bar none! I wouldn’t even mind cruising into our Main Street with it.

Custom Westfalia
Passenger side

This is what the add on Craigslist says about this creation-
“1973 vw westfalia tin top originally, added 73 bug to top. needs new windshield and brakes mileage reads 6055 had 26,xxx in 1988 on title . either rolled over or someone swapped out dash parts .clean ar. title.custom body and interior needs cleaning and finished.could be returned to original [title says mh for motor home] but would take some work.”

Great Custom
Drivers Side

It would seem to be a bit vague in details or whoever bought it did so as it is and never bothered to ask?

Back of cutom
Rear View
Rear quarter view
Interesting look
I find is a bit interesting that they had used a 1973 Volkswagen Westfalia and a 1973 Volkswagen Beetle for the roof. Have to wonder if that was done on purpose or it was just a matter of convenience that the years are the same.
Dash view
Front Seats
Rear of RV section
Then comes the mileage discrepancy as could this thing be over 100,000 miles? I love VW’s as I have had plenty of them but, they don’t last that long looking this solid. That and what are the chances of finding of finding an original dash for a ’73 Volkswagen Westfalia with that low a milage reading on it too? Anyway you want to look at it it would make a cool Friday Saturday car show cruiser. Not all that sure about using it as a RV or Motorhome like it is titled for however?
It is a new century and something this old is kind of a throwback. Almost a museum piece not even counting the fact that it is an extreme custom with the Beetle top arrangement that has been done to it right?
Small sink
RV Sink
Interior of back
Good old Woodgrain
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