Unfinished Cadillac Powered Rat Rod

This is a typical Barn Find around me.

This Unfinished Cadillac Powered Rat Rod was found in a state of flux so to speak. It has all the truck body parts that had been test fit to the frame already awaiting a final assembly.

Barn Find Rat Rod Pick Up
Unfinished Rat Rod

The frame have been cut on both ends of the vehicle front and back. Then welded on top with a plate of steel welded on to reinforce it but, not in the way I would want to do it however. I would rather box the frame on the inside unless this is just temporary for the test fitting?

Cadillac Engine
472 or 500 Cad

Then it has a later model Cadillac 472 or 500 Cubic Inch engine with a Turbo Hydro engine sitting in a set back location on the frame. So it could be an interesting ride if it ever gets finished correctly. Then again correctly and Rat Rod don’t seem to go together as everything it in the eyes of the builder if you get my drift?

Custom Lowering
Unboxed Frame

Rat Rods don’t really float my boat as a lot of it just seems as an excuse not to finish things right. I like when they use other pieces for non structural parts like old stop signs and speed limit signs for floor and door panel coverings. I just don’t like when someone puts a high horse power engine on a frame with old drum brakes that I wouldn’t trust to stop a 6 cylinder flathead much less a 500HP Big Block!

Unboxed Frame
Outside Plate

It’s sort of like when I see that somebody uses a 4BT Cummins with with a huge turbo on it. Sure it can make plenty of torque, look and sound killer while being able to smoke the tires till they blow up. However it is not explosive fast like a Huge Big Block with a Blower would be 🙁

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