V-16 Seven-Passenger Limousine with Bullet Proof Windows

1936 Cadillac V-16 Seven-Passenger Limousine with Bullet Proof Windows

Bullet Proof Caddy Limo!
Bullet Proof Caddy Limo!

Yes you read that right as this is a 1936 Cadillac V-16 Seven-Passenger Limousine with Bullet Proof Windows installed and Gun Ports installed in the windows to boot 😯

This Series 60. 452-cid, 185-hp OHV V-16 engine, three-speed manual transmission
Special build limo with inch thick bullet proof glass and carefully drilled gun ports in front, side and back windows for who knows what reasons 😕

It is in a deteriorated condition but, should it get a complete full restoration or be left as is seeing as how this is most likely the only one in existence.

It is a Series 60 with coil spring independent front suspension, live rear axle with semi-elliptic leaf springs, and four-wheel vacuum-assisted drum brakes.

The Wheelbase: 154-inches

The Chassis no. 5100136

The Body Style 6075

and Body no. 356

When you first see this car it reminds you of some stars Limo from way back in the old days. However when you get close up to it and see that it has 1 inch thick glass you have to stop and investigate it a bit further. You then see that it has what looks to be gun port holes in the side and back windows 😯

So could this have been a Mobsters car or the owners name may have been Bugsy 😕

It makes you head spin to think of what kind of history this Cadillac may have seen so long ago. Then to be parked away in a garage to be hidden for decades. Again you wonder what the history of a car like this holds, was it used to kill someone famous? Who was the Mobster that owned it or was it some historic FBI car of the past. A Presidential limo of some sorts even?
Upon checking the Cadillac build records, they call it (Fltwd Limo) body style 6275, number 356, and say it was ordered by the Chicago branch on February 21 in 1935. It was ordered with Thessalon Green paint then had black leather in the front and Wiese brown vogue weave broadcloth in the rear section. It was then fitted with six wire wheels, two of them in fender skirts plus it had a radio in the rear compartment then a flexible steering wheel for some reason? Plus a further notation about “Special Fleetwood Body Order 310” with the details of which being lost in history for the most part.
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