V8 Belvedere II Long Island Barn Find

Low mileage Belvedere Long Island find!

This V8 Belvedere II Long Island Barn Find is quite a shocker considering where it came from very close to saltwater. Even though it is an A block it’s a very soluble mileage car.

Solid car
Survivor Possibly?

Although it seems be rough from sitting for all these years it still seems to be a very very solid car. Yes the interior is a bit dirty however look as solid is even the pedal covers simply good. It is unknown at this point of this car was restored or not. However with house all the body is at the interior looks and even the engine apartment it’s a hard guess.

Dirty but solid
Little wear on peddles

When you get a look in the interior and then see the mileage on the odometer it is incredibly low. However where was located in Long Island there were plenty of cars just sitting waiting to be found. Makes you wonder if that’s treasure trove of cars be picked and sold off at one point.

Low miles
Original miles?

So even though this car is only a 318 possibly it still seemed incredible he solid and just waiting for somebody to pick it up and put some TLC into it. I was told that where the score was located there was tons of old trucks from the 50s and 60s and even evokes an panel man being used as a sign just sitting around. The problem is a very long drive from where were located. However to make me think I have to go back with a camera and find more of these treasures that are just parked on the full on the vineyards.

possible 318
Clean A Block

I am all for finding barn finds if not for me or my website then just to save them so other people can restore them back to their former glory. Yep seems like fun.

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