Worst 1959 Bodywork Ever

No this car has not been driven for decades even but, still how bad was it?

This is the Worst 1959 Bodywork Ever and it had to have been done at least 25 or more years ago. So how could it have been that bad that long ago and how could someone have been such a hack at doing bodywork the way it was fixed :O

59 Wagon Hood

OK yes the car has been rusting away for years under a tree before it was brought to this back lot. Yes it rotted away from sitting to show some of the worst hack body work patches I have seen in forever it would seem?

1959 Wagon Fins
Also unfixable

The patches have been put on in some more interesting places on the front fenders than I could believe. That and the amount of Bondo that must have been used must have come out of a 5-gallon bucket to say the least.

59 Driver Fa=ender
Bad Bodywork

So what are the chances of someone trying to restore something like this in the state that it is in?

I for one have no interest in restoring a station wagon even if it has Wings like this one. Heck even now that these things are so rare it would be hard to find anyone desperate enough to attack something like this but, this about it. This car was in horrible shape decades ago and someone tried to fix it back then. Fix it horribly to top it all off too.

So think about why someone would have bothered to try to cover up the extreme rot that this wagon had up on the top of the fenders around 30 or so some odd years ago. Then drive the car around long enough for it to deteriorate. Then use the car as trade in bait at a dealership or something to that extent? Even though it is a plebeian station wagon it must have a strange story to tell 😕

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