GMC Twin Six 702 V12 Craigslist Gold

Craiglist Gold!

GMC Twin Six 702 V12 Craigslist Gold find right here! Just wish it was a bit, no a lot closer cause I would snap this puppy up!

Waiting to be picked up

Here it is, the find you have been wishing for! Well that is if you have read the other Barnfindnation post here on the GMC Twin Six 702 and learned of it’s rather odd and incredible history?

Stripped V12
No Carbs

Asside from what has been posted about what this GMC Twin Six is in need of- “GMC 702 V12 gas engine. Irrigation well take off, was on natural gas. Needs two carbs and valve job.”

Twin Six
I want this V12
Of course it will need 2 carburetors as being a natural gas fed engine it had no carbs in the first place. The needing a valve job would make me think that because it was run for many hours on Natural Gas the exhaust valves receded into the heads? This engine would definitely be designed to run on leaded gas, so no hardened exhaust seats here.
Again this should still be easily salvageable as they are known for going 300,000 miles in the trucks that they had been installed in. Just may be a bit tricky getting exhaust valves and gaskets for it? Just imagine going into your local Car Parts and trying to convince the guy/girl behind the counter that there is such a thing as a GMC V12 gas engine. Not only that but, trying to explain that it has 4 V6 cylinder heads to boot will make some heads spin 😛
After the rebuild then good luck finding a vehicle that it will fit in? Maybe something like this Chevy G50 Custom would be the best thing to fit it in. After all I think the engine was designed for vehicles like this in the first place?
Car wise good luck trying to find something with an engine compartment big enough to fit this behemoth in!
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